Defensive Systems Staff Instructors

Violence Prevention And Use Of Force Training For Firefighters, EMS, Healthcare Providers, Mental Health Professionals, Educators, Law Enforcement and Business

Marc Fox is the owner and chief instructor of Aishinkan Dojo. Marc began his martial arts training in 1974 and holds teaching ranks of 6th dan Taiho Jutsu, 6th dan Aikido, 4th dan Tang Soo Do and 1st Dan Doce Pares. He also trains in Arnis, Kali and Shinto Muso Ryu, and has studied the arts of Dan Zan Ryu, Yoshin Ryu and Chinese Kenpo. His teachers include: Chuck Clark, Tom Snowden, Dan Nolan, Phil Relnick, Narrie Babao, Bayani Abueg, Cacoy Canete and Dennis Estes. Marc is a retired police officer and has been a law enforcement use of force trainer for the past 19 years. Marc is a certified instructor in defensive tactics/arrest and control, use of force, chemical agents, less lethal weapons and firearms. He has consulted for the Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training and for various organizations as a subject matter expert in use of force, officer safety, and police tactics. Marc currently teaches defensive tactics and various violence prevention programs at San Diego State University, San Diego Regional Public Safety Training Center. He has received numerous commendations for his violence prevention programs and professionalism, including one from the State Senate.
Ed Aceves has been a police officer for over 17 years, and is currently a captain for the La Mesa Police Department. Ed is a training consultant for Defensive Systems and teaches defensive tactics and emergency vehicle operations for the La Mesa Police Department and the San Diego Regional Public Safety Training Center. He is a FBI and POST certified instructor in defensive tactics and holds a 2nd degree black belt in taiho jutsu (police control arts).
Tom Snowden is a retired investigator for the San Diego County District Attorney's Office and 30 year law enforcement veteran. He is instructor certified in defensive tactics/arrest & control, use of force, chemical agents, firearms, and many other areas of law enforcement procedure/tactics. Tom has been on several state workshops and committees to formulate guidelines regarding P.O.S.T. or Peace Officer Standards and Training. Tom was the Chief Instructor for the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Academy in the subject matter expertise of defensive tactics/arrest & control. As a consultant/witness in well over 20 cases, Tom???s testimony has provided the determining or winning factor for the entity he has been hired to represent in that capacity as an expert. Some of his involvement included extensive medical and scientific research in the area of in-custody deaths. He is certified at the black belt instructor level (4th degree or above), in several different categories of martial arts.
Dr. Russell Dehnel is a clinical psychologist, a certified instructor in defensive tactics and a 4th degree black belt in aikido. Russell specializes in understanding how excellence is achieved in non-profit organizations and for individuals throughout the human life-cycle. Russell is dedicated to the security of schools, medical facilities and non-profits that serve specialized groups and to the staff that serve individuals who use their services.